Knitting a hole for a purse handle

So I’m almost done with this purse but now I’ve come to the point where I need to cast off 11 stitches to make the hole for the handle. I cast off 11 stitches and I’m not sure how to continue knitting. I’m probably not understanding the directions but I’m not sure how to continue to knit without making the handle hole very small. Do I just start knitting again right after the 11th stitch I cast off? Any help would be appreciated!

What pattern are you knitting? Is there a pic or a link to one that would give us an idea of what the bag should look like? Is the cast-off for the edge of the bag, and the stitches you have ‘live’ are for knitting the handle?

The pattern for the bag can be found @
I am working on the hole for the handle, so I’ve just casted off 11 stitches and am stuck on where to go next. It’s seems so award to cast off and then knit.

You do keep knitting to the end of the row after you cast off those 11 st. On the next row you cast ON 15 st when you come to those cast off st, that makes a kind of upside down U-shape as the hand hole. Depending on your gauge, that may be too small - you probably won’t lose much of the length of the hole when you felt, so if it’s currently about 4" long, it will probably wind up to be about 3 1/2" (which actually is larger than the width of my hand at the fingers, so may be ok for you, too). If you want a slightly wider hand hole, start your cast off earlier (and centered) and then on the next row cast on that extra in addition to the 15 st to make up for your widened length. Keep in mind that if you make it much wider, you may lose some of the firmness that’s needed for the area around the hand hole.