Knitting a hat on circulars...suddenly, i'm backwards


i have just learned to knit, and i am knitting a hat on circular needles. i was going along quite well, until i looked down and noticed that suddenly my purls where showing up on my knit side! How did this happen and how do i correct it?

thanks so much!

My guess is that somewhere along the way, maybe when you put your work down and then picked it back up to knit some more, you started off holding your circular with the cord closest to you and the needle tips furthest from you. This would cause you to be knitting on the inside of your hat, therefore the purls would show on the outside. A very wise knitter once said, and I’ll always remember this because it’s such a good tip, think of your circular needle as a drinking glass - you always drink from the edge closest to you. So when you hold your circular needle, always hold it with the needle tips closest to you and the cord away from you.

interesting about the way you describe holding the needles. i have been holding them with the needles away from me - pointed out, not in.

is there any way i can fix this without starting over? thanks so much!

how much have you done? i would knit backwards (tink) …others would probably suggest putting in a life line back to your last good row and then frogging…i think it really does just depend on how much you have done.

You would only need to frog if you have both knits and purls on the right side. If the hat is inside out, then you would only need to turn it right side out and continue.

[color=darkblue]I did the very same thing with my first project. It was suggested to me to go back to where I had made the error and start over.
I had put the knitting down and picked it back up wrong and didn’t even know I was getting purl instead of knit.
Here is a photo of what it looked like:

not too much, i guess, but it feels like an accomplishment since it’s my first project. i’m afraid i don’t know what frogging or putting in a life line mean. i will do some research on them. and i’m seeing friends who knit later this week and i’m sure they can help…but i am anxious to keep knitting!

thanks so much for your help, everyone.

sorry…Frogging is unraveling the work (rippppit…rrrrripppppit!) if you go to this page you can see a video for inserting a lifeline…just scroll down to fixing mistakes.

This thread has surely saved me from making the same mistake! I’ve been preparing to start my first hat, my first time circular knitting. Thanks!

One other question – I find that my pieces become much longer after knitting a couple rows compared to the original cast on row (for example, I recently measured 9 inches of stitches on my cast on row, and now that I’ve done a few rows in garter stitch it’s about 12 inches per row). Is this normal, and if not am I just casting on too tightly?


Cast-ons are normally a little tight; some folks cast on with a larger needle and some hold both needles together to cast on. It’s a preference issue.