Knitting a hallow channel tuck help

Hello Everyone,

I’m following a pattern to learn a technique so I can apply it to my designs. The pattern is for a zippered bag/clutch.

I knitted 10 rows as instructed. The 4th row is marked as instructed.
I then had to take a smaller needle and pick up the stitches on row 4. No problem there. The following is were I get messed up. Here are the pattern words exactly.

“Rightside facing, bring the needles parallel to each other so that the work is folded on itself and the smaller needle is in the back. Knit the first stitch on the smaller-size needle together with the first stitch on the larger needle. Cont. to end of row.”

I’ve taken the knitting off the needles already, I get frustrated easily.

I tried to knit the 2 stitches, 1 from each needle and it created 2 stiches instead of 1. In the next line after all this it says to increase and the number of stitches you should have by the end of that row. Due to that number, I know I should not have 2 stitches for every stitch on the needle. I hope that made sense.

What I am hoping is that someone knows of a video for this. I am terrible at invisioning text explanations. However, any guidence will be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to give up on this like I do so many times.


I then had to take a smaller needle and pick up the stitches on row 4. No problem there.

Darcy, I wonder if when it told you to do that, it said to put ALL the stitches on the smaller needle? If it told you to do only half of them it would all make sense to me. Could that be a possibility? If you only put half on the smaller needle then you could fold the work back on itself and put the larger and smaller needles parallel to each other. Each needle would be holding half the stitches. It says to have the smaller needle behind the larger needle, maybe that orients it the right way so that when you knit the two together you will have the right sides in the right places.

I don’t know of a site that has this exact thing, but do a search for a three needle bind off (there may be instructions on this site, I’m not sure). What you need to do to knit the stitches together is like what happens in a three needle bind off, but you don’t bind off you will just keep knitting the stitches together.

What you do is hold the two needles next to each other with the pointed ends at the same end. You hold the two next to each other in your left hand and run your third needle (right hand needle) into the first stitch on BOTH needles in the normal place you would, and in the normal way but after going through the stitch near you also go through the first stitch on the needle behind. Then you yarn around in your normal way and pull the resulting loop (new stitch) through both of the stitches. The first stich on the near needle and the first stitch on the far needle are knit together into one new stitch on the right hand needle.

Let us know how you come out.