Knitting a Diagram

I just started with Drops patern179-2, and I am not experienced with diagrams. I learned already to read from bottom right to left. So I made the first Patern row: A1a, A2a,A2b,A2c and A1b. OK.
But then the wrong side:
1.Do I go the opposite way: A1b,A2c,A2b,A2a,A1a and work from left to right. Or
2. Do I have to go the same as the first row, and just take the wrong side option for the stiches?
3. Do I have to go the same as the first row, but knit the wrong side stitches from left to right?
I also ask this question at the Drops website, but they don’t answer. I just started knitting, had knit 20 cm, but then I saw it was wrong, just by the picture. I am a bit desperate now.
I hope I get an answer soon. Thanks already!

Pretty jacket.

Work the diagrams (charts) for row 2 (and all even rows) from left to right and work in the reverse order (your first option:A1b,A2c,A2b,A2a,A1a).
It may help to number the rows to make it easier to see where you are and to tick off the rows as you go.

Thanks for the quick answer!!!