Knitting A Curtain

Now that I am starting to feel a little better and am still waiting for dispatch to find me a load I decided that I would get back to my knitting. I really didn’t feel like working on the hat I need to finish, or the other two hats that I have been requested to make, or the socks I cast on and haven’t touched since.

There is a door in my bedroom that has a window that runs most of it’s height. I’ve been meaning to buy a curtain for it but today I decided to just knit myself one instead. It’s a little something different to break up the routine.

I’m just winging it so I have no idea how it’ll turn out. That’s the fun part, even I have no idea what it’s gonna look like. :mrgreen:

You are a Designer at heart!

I think the Mason-Dixon book has something about knitting curtains…or a pattern for one. I’ll grab mine later and get back at ya!

Woo! What kind of yarn are you using? Glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

Well, I should say that it’s a pretty simple door curtain, basically just a long rectangle. Nothing exactly complicated.

Thanks. I’m using up some of the Red Heart SS I’ve had laying around and don’t want to use for anything someone would wear. Seems like a good use for the stuff to me.

Way to go! Are you doing strips, blocks, or one big thing?

Whoohoo! Way tah go!

All one piece.

Hooray for you!

I’m also doing my first curtains… ever since seeing how lovely those Irish Lacey ones are. I’m using sportsweight yarn, ivory colored. And a lacy scarf pattern times 4.

Big dilemma: how to block the suckers once they’re finished - should be like 4’ by 8’. Yeah. I finally thought of maybe a way… put a clean sheet on the living room rug. Pin out the curtain - or the part I can reach. Then put the damp towel over and steam-iron. And hope like he** that the rug doesn’t melt!!


knitting guy… I know all about those dispatchers…:teehee: They never seem to get loads when you need them… just joking but I do know what you mean. My DH just moved out of the home into an office. We represent 3 different carriers. It is a headache sometime but it does pay the bills.

I can’t complain. I work for a good small family run company and they take good care of me. The only reason it’s taking so long to get a load is because they refuse to take cheap loads. I appreciate that as I work for a percentage.

Sounds like your hubby is a broker. I’ll reserve my opinion on that :rofl:

knitting guy… I can honestly say. He truely works for the drive. I have had to get on him at times for giving up his percent that he would make off a load. I dont totally understand when you guys talk brokers but his title is called agent if that makes sense to you. He gets freight straight from the mills for that specific carrier. But enough about work… your off duty.LOL

Mason, what ever you knit in your time off, I’m sure it will be brilliant, you do such excellent work on everything else.

If things go well, we’ll be moving to a house that has reinforced glass on two sides of the door that I’ll want to knit curtains for. Mason-Dixon Knitting has a curtain that we like a lot, probably in an ecru.

Hope you get a load soon, if you really want one.

Glad to hear you’re feeling like knitting again-I can’t wait to see what your curtain looks like!

I’ve been wanting to make a lace-ish curtain for my kitchen window, too. I may use KnitPicks CotLin in red, or the other cotton blend they have, I can’t remember what its called-anyway I want to use the free curtain pattern they have on their website. I will have to make it quite a bit bigger though!

Are you doing any particular stitch pattern, or just garter or SS?

Well, you know me, just a plain garter or SS just wouldn’t do. :rofl:

I’m pretty much improvising but it’s a sort of lacy stitch pattern. Not truly lace, but something with some decorative pattern to it.

Glad to hear the knitting is back again. Look forward to seeing the finished curtain.

I hope you’re jotting the pattern down to share when you are done! (I don’t have smilies up for my quick replies for some reason, but insert the “poking with a stick” smily here…)

LOL! Good -I agree, that would be rather dull for a curtain-now I really can’t wait to see your new invented stitch! :mrgreen: