Knitting a cross stitch pattern

I have a book called “one skein wonders” and there’s a pattern for a scarf called the cross stitch scarf. There is instructions for this stitch but I can’t get it right. It goes like this. Knit the 2nd stitch without removing it from the needle by reaching behind and inserting the needle between the 1st and 2nd stitch, knit the 1st stitch and take both stitches off the left needle, repeat from

Can anyone help make this easier?


You can search for a ‘left twist’ stitch video, but it’s not too difficult, you’re just knitting the sts out of order. Work the 2nd stitch first, with your needle in back of your piece, leave the st on the L needle then go back and knit the 1st stitch.

Thanks, Sue!

I did a search for the left twist video but couldn’t find it. I’ll try to figure this out again maybe when I’m not so tired!

Sorry, I didn’t mean here at KH, I meant a web search. There’s probably a few at Youtube.

Here is one: no sound, but text above.
Just take the correct of the 2 options to cross (you can do it to the left or the right, as you will see):