Knitting a Collar - HELP ME PLEASE!

I am knittinh a sweater and got stuck on the collar…
Goes like this: With rs facing using 7mm needles and starting at top of right front border pick up and knit 16sts evenly across border, 36 sts evenly along right side of neck, 22 sts evenly from18sts cast off at back of neck,36 sts evenly along top of left front border= 126 sts

Here I am starting to have problems:

1stRow (k2,p2)11times,K2,(p1,k2)12times,(p2,K2)11times
1st row sets rib. ( what that mean ??)
2ndRow (p2,K2)11times,(p2,k1) 9times, wrap1 turn ( ? back to the first row?)
3rdRow rib16, wrap 1 turn ( what that means RIB 16…what kind of
4th rib20, wrap 1 turn sts are they??? Maybe the ( k2,P2)?
5th rib24, wrap 1 turn
6th rib28, wrap 1 turn ( Really confused here.)
7th rib32, wrap 1 turn
8th rib36, wrap 1 turn
9th rib40, wrap 1 turn
10th Row Rib 3, (inc in next st,p2) 12times, rib 5, wrap 1, turn
total 138 sts
11th Row P1,k2,(p2,K2)14 times,p2,wrap1, turn
12th Row Rib 65 wrap 1, turn
13th Row Rib 69 wrap 1, turn

Work 4 rows more working 4 sts more in each wrap ( ???)
work 15 rows more working 3 sts more ineach wrap

Next row Rib 43,p1,pick up loop between last and next st and work into back of this loop( referred toM1),p1(k2,p1,m1p1) 11times, rib 44, wrap1 turn= 150 sts
Next row Rib 44, (k3,p2) 12 times, rib to end across all sts…cast off in rib.
:roflhard: :knitting:
Please Help me!!!

“1st row sets rib. ( what that mean ??)”

It means that it’s a set-up row for the ribbing pattern; this is given for information, just knit the row as it’s written

To ‘Rib 16’ means to work 16 sts in the rib pattern. You are going to be doing short rows meaning you won’t knit all the way to the ends of the rows. Later, you’ll knit those leftover stitches, this is to shape the collar. Wrapping is shown on the Short Rows video on the Advanced techniqus page. So when you finish row 2, you wrap a stitch and turn so you can do row 3. Basically you’re going to work these rows as many sts it stay, wrap the yarn around the next stitch, then turn to do the next row. When you start doing long rows again, you knit the wrap together with the stitch it’s wrapped around.

Sue’s answer was a good one, you work as many as it says and then do the wrap and turn to work in the other direction. But about this part:

Work 4 rows more working 4 sts more in each wrap ( ???)
work 15 rows more working 3 sts more ineach wrap
I thought I’d add a little clarification. Rows 12 and 13 had:

12th Row Rib 65 wrap 1, turn
13th Row Rib 69 wrap 1, turn

You see there that you ribbed over 65 stitches and then did the wrap and turn then on the next row you did 69 stitches. So you did four more stitches between the wraps each time. They want you to continue in that fashion adding 4 more between the wraps each row over the next 4 rows and then adding 15 more rows where you only add 3 more each row. So it would be like:
Row 14: Rib over 73, wrap 1 and turn.
Row 15: Rib over 77, wrap 1 and turn.
Row 16: Rib over 81, wrap 1 and turn.
Row 17: Rib over 85, wrap 1 and turn.
that would be all of the ones with 4 move each time, then you start the 3 more.
Row 18: Rib over 88, wrap 1 and turn.
Row 19: Rib 91, wrap 1 and turn.
Then keep adding 3 more until you have done that a total of 15 times. Then start the increase part. Then you have the final part where you work to one end and then turn and work across all stitches.