Knitting a collar by forming a turning ridge

Hello again. Thanks to everyone who responded when I needed help shaping a cap. The sleeves look great. I now need help with the collar. The finished collar is supposed to turn over. The instructions state to pick up stitches (doesn’t mention pick up and knit) and then knit row two which will form a turning ridge. I followed the instructions; however, the collar turns in instead of out. I am not sure what went wrong. Can you help me? The pattern I am using is a knitted lacy jacket for a baby. I found a picture of it on the web that may be helpful. Thanks

Pick up sts and pick up and knit are sometimes used interchangeably. When you pick up the stitch you’re wrapping the yarn around the needle as you would for a knit stitch.
Did you pick up the stitches from right front (as it would be worn) around to the left front? That would make the knit row, row 2, a purl row on the outside of the collar. If not and depending on the pattern for the rest of the collar, you could always purl row 2 to give you the turn that you want.

I know there IS a difference between “pick up” and “pick up and knit”, but I’ve never understood exactly what the difference is. I guess if I ever need to know, the pattern will tell me…

Technically, pick up and knit is a 2 step process where you start at the other edge and pick up sts with the L needle, then knit them with the R needle. Pick up is a one step process where you insert the R needle into a stitch on the edge (pick up) wrap the yarn around the needle and pull it through the stitch (knit). Many people use the terms interchangeably. It’s faster and easier to do the one step process, especially if you have a long edge to pick up on, or it’s curved.

The only way I’ve ever done it is to cram both needles into one hole, and treat it like a knit stitch… Sounds like 2 steps to me, but I dunno. It works, which is my only real requirement.

I actually did it with a crochet hook once out of desperation. (Black yarn, tight gauge, bad light… you know, all the wrong stuff.) It worked well enough for my purposes, and it was all gonna be hidden in the selvedge anyway. Of course this meant slipping the stitches off the end of the crochet hook onto the needle to continue, but at that point as long as I got some loops on a needle I didn’t really care how it happened.

I want Tunisian hooks for my interchageable set so I can just slide them right to the cable and then switch back to the needle tip just for such occassions. I also need to pick up those stitches on a smaller needle, otherwise I get this really loose row where they’re joined.

You don’t have to put both needles into the edge stitch, just pretend the edge you’re picking up in is the L needle and only put the R needle into the stitches as you go. A lot of people use crochet hooks too.

I’ve done it with a crochet hook once, with … more or less a successful outcome. Never tried it with just the RH needle, but I see what you’re saying. (I think.) I’ll give that a try. The worst thing that can happen is that I can’t make it work, right?

Yep, gotta try these things to see how they work out.