Knitting a Christmas stocking

I’m making a Christmas stocking for the first time. I have knit sweaters, scarves, and hats before but never a sock! I don’t know how to proceed in the directions. According to them I have turned the heel on both sides, now I’m to do the gusset and Instep. It says to k8 sts of Right half heel. With same needle, pick up 9 sl sts from right edge of heel flap, (what is the heel flap?). the slipped stitches are on the right side of the piece so if I k8 sts I will be on the left side of the heel piece. I’m thinking that the directions are wrong. I found a mistake before. I think I’m supposed to k8 sts and pick up 9 sl sts from the LEFT side of heel flap then pick up the 27 instep sts and 9 sl sts along the RIGHT side of the other heel flap and then k the rest of the 8 sts. Does that sound right?

What you think makes sense sounds good to me too. It seems to me you always work to the left, around the circle of the sock, not to the right.

The heel flap is the square you knit right after you do the cuff/leg of a sock. It is then shaped to turn the heel, but it starts off as a square flap.