Knitting a chicken hat

I’m getting back into knitting, and as of now I’m knitting a chicken hat! The directions to shape the crown say,

"Row 1 (RS)(Dec): k2tog, (k12[13], Sl1, k2tog, psso) 3 times, k12[13], k2tog, (53[57] sts) "

I understand that I start on the right side and I’m decreasing, and that I’m slipping over knots, but I’m confused with how to do what’s in the paranthesis. Also I’m doing an adult size, hence, the 13 in the bracket.

They use parenthesis to separate a section of stitches and tell you how many times to do it after the last closed parenthesis. So do it like this for the largest size-

(k13, SL 1, k2tog, psso) 3 times
k13, k2tog

You now have 57 stitches.

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Thank you!!!

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