Knitting a chart in 3 colors or more

I’m trying to knit a scarf for my sister and I need help. I found a chart that is a picture of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, and is in 3 different colors. I have been searching for days, and looking everywhere to figure out the best way to knit the three colors in this chart. I like the idea of using the intarsia method, the only problem is you’re not supposed to knit more than five stitches of one color before switching colors, and there are areas in this chart where i have to knit with one color more than 5 stitches. I did start knitting it using the intarsia method and in stockinette stitch, however it seems to be bunching in the areas where i don’t use a color for a while, or it seems really separated, and the ends of some of the colors seem to be curling under. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but basically I’m just asking if there is a better way to knit a chart with 3 or more colors, or if I should just be knitting the new colors more loosely. if there’s anyone that slightly understands me, and is willing to help, I would be so grateful. I really really want to make this work!!! Thank You

It sounds like you’re trying to knit the pattern stranded rather than intarsia. With intarsia, each block of color has a separate strand–you don’t carry the yarn across the back as you would in stranded/Fair Isle knitting.

Amy has video in the Advanced Techniques section, and this is a good site for an overview of intarsia.


[INDENT]I can remember when argyle socks were the rage and we had about 12 bobbins dangleing from the back of the sock. I guess the same thing would apply to knitting back and forth.:star:[/INDENT]


Hiya uve,
Here’s what I would do whether it’s intarsia or stranded… you would weave in your unused color every 3rd stitch, just kind catch it with the stitch of the color you are using. Here is a site that should help you alot. Here’s another wonderful site for you to use and this one has videos!!
Hope this helps ya!!