Knitting a Blanket?

Hi! I’m pretty new to knitting and I want to knit a gray blanket and make it as simple as possible. I would like it to be big enough for an adult, but I have no specific size in mind. I don’t really know how to start out. Should I use circular knitting needles? How many stitches should I cast on? How long might a project like this take? Any help would be greatly appreciated! As much detail as you can, please. I’m pretty clueless. Thank you! :heart:

There are so many variables to consider that there is no one simple answer. You might do a search on Ravelry which is free to join and safe, if you have already joined. You can select to see only Free patterns if you like.

A blanket in garter stitch would probably be the easiest to do. It could be done on the diagonal to add a little interest to the knitting without complicating things too much. You’d need to do knit stitches and increases and decreases.

One thing to consider is that as your blanket grows it will get heavy and cumbersome. Working strips to join might be something you’d prefer. Circular needles will accommodate more stitches and you don’t have to support the growing weight of the project on the needles, the cable will allow most of the weight to rest on your lap.

Hi there!! The answers to some of your questions depends on which yarn u are using and what finished size u want the blanket to be.

So, what yarn are you going to use??


Generally speaking… a long circular needle would be more comfortable for a large thing like a blanket so all the stitches fit comfortably on the cable. Are you knitting it as one piece or in squares or strips that you would seam together? Smaller needles circs can be used for that method. I don’t think there are any straight needles you can use for a blanket knit in one piece.