Knitting a beanie

Okay, i’m really new at this, and like, i dont have any technical terms to tell you

but how, after you get the very first row, do you make it like connect? like how do you make a tube that keeps getting smaller? and when you do, how do you join it together? everything i’ve tried looks cheezy…help?

No technical terms??!!! How dare you!! :fingerwag:

When you knit in the round, you cast on your stitches, then start knitting the last stitch you just cast on (the one your yarn is hanging from) to the first stitch you cast on. (the first one as you hold that end of the needle in your left hand. That gets you knitting in a tube. To decrease, you get your tube to the length you want and start decreasing evenly around. The problem is that your needle will eventually be too long to hold the stitches in a circle. At this point you can switch to double pointed needle, or one of the techniques that use 2 long needles or magic loop. I sounds like a lot to learn, and it is, but we all did it at some point in our knitting careers, and you can, too. If you are a newbie, newbie beginner, you might want to start with practicing on straight needles to get the hang of stitches, etc. :XX: <<just do what she’s doing :smiley:

Check out Amy’s Videos on Circular Knitting; they’re great! :thumbsup:

This is a wonderful first-hat pattern: Roll-Brim Hat. The decrease instructions are nice and clear. :thumbsup: