Knitting a band on a crochet hat

Hello All! I am trying to knit a band on a hat that was completed by crochet. I have a made this pattern a few years ago but have since primarily worked on solely crochet projects. The main and basically only issue i’m having in transferring from crochet hook to knitting needle (circular).

Here are the pattern directions:

Transfer loop from crochet hook to knitting needle [insert needle through next sc and pick up a stitch] to end of round.

My issue is the brackets - I can’t remember how to pick up a stitch. I have a looked it up and come up with so many different ways that I cant remember what/how I did it before.

If somebody can provide me some simple instruction or a link to a video that I can adapt the above instructions too, it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Welcome to HnittingHelp!
It’s similar to picking up sts from knitting. This video shows how to do that:

You’ll be picking up into the sc holes instead.