Knitting 911


I just notice a dropped stitch about four inches down. My media player will not pay the video to help me fix it without unraveling. Can some one explain how to fix this. I really don’t want to have to undo all this knitting.

There’s a pretty good explanation here:

You take a crochet hook and snag that loop. Then, on the knit side, grab the bar behind the loop and pull it through. Then the next and the next all the way up. The problem with fixing a stitch that far down is that it can be noticeable since the rows have tightened up since then without that stitch.

Another way to ‘correct’ a dropped stitch that far down is to bring that loop to the back and secure it with a piece of yarn–sew it to the back-- and the add a stitch to the row you’re on. Sometimes it’s preferable than trying to bring the dropped stitch up.

Thanks, to Ingrid, and Julie, I will try.

I just knitted this mock cable fingerless glove, when i tried it on, the ribbing at the bottom was too wide, i went by the directions.
Can I do anything to make it tighter without pulling the whole thing apart agsin?

I’ve read that you can work elastic thread into a knitted piece to tighten it up. My personal best solution is to use smaller needles for the rib or fewer stitches and make sure I try it on before going on with the rest of the project. If it’s too loose at the beginning it will still be too loose at the end of the knitting.

Trying to upload a photo from my phone, but it said its too large!