Knitting 2x2 Ribbed- Start & End in Knit Stitches

Can anyone explain what this might mean: “If you want your piece to begin and end on 2 knit stitches, add 2 to the multiple that you cast on at the beginning.”

I understand that if I am doing 2x2 ribbing (scarf), I need to cast on in multiples of 4. If I want to start in knit stitches and end in knit stitches and I’m using multiples of 4 as I’m supposed to, does that mean I should actually be using multiples of 6 to end in a knit stitch?

Multiples of 4, kk, pp, kk, pp. Plus 2 ends with kk.
Multiples of 4, then add 2.

2x2 ribbing is a multiple of 4- “k2, p2”. So if you want it to end with k2 on the other side so it’s symmetrical you just add 2 stitches so it ends with k2. Just remember that when you turn you’ll be starting with a p2 though not a k2.

Aah, that makes sense. So if I wanted to cast on 16 stitches and make it start and end in a knit stitch, I’d cast on 18 stitches BUT make sure to start with a p2 on the next row instead of a k2? And then switch back and forth each time? You rock! The website did not specify your very significant tip.

Yes. Once you do it you’ll see how it works. As long as you knit the knits and purl the purl it’ll come out right.

Most patterns assume some knowledge. I guess they’d all be 15 pages long otherwise. Lol