Knitting 2 rows together to form a waist band for elastic

Hello all,

I am using the Evie pants pattern to make wool shorites for my boy. I decided this time to use the elastic waistband option. I am on the last part of the waist band and the instructions read " knit the current row with the corresponding stitch from the cast-on row" Is there any special way to do this? Do I use the inner loop or outer loop, or does it matter? I can not find any videos on how to do this. A like would be a great help. I am new to knitting and everything I have learned has been from videos so far.



Hi and welcome!
This is a pretty good tutorial for a knitted in hem.

Sounds like a cute pattern.

AhHa! thanks. Now If I could just see it in a video.

I don’t think that tutorial is a video. I can’t find a good video for it right now, maybe I’ll think of the right search terms and come up with something for you.

You can also knit one inch, turn it under, and stitch it up as a hem if it’s easier. Remember to leave a one inch gap to insert the elastic or drawstring. I made a pair of wool pants like these around Christmas time for my granddaughter. Nothing says you have to follow the pattern exactly. Break out of the box and make it your own. In sewing terms, this would be called a casing.

Thanks for the help. What I ended up doing was grabbing the stitch from the back row with the right needle and K2Tog. It looks good. I don’t have the confidence yet to break from the pattern. I have only been knitting now since September. I well I’m sure at some point. I do know about casing. I sew diapers also.

For future reference when I do hems I use a provisional cast on so that makes the hem much easier.

What is a provisional cast on?

Here’s one video for how to do a provisional cast on using knitting needles:

And here’s another method using a crochet hook and making the simplest crochet stitch there is, a chain:

This is the provisional cast on I use.

Here is another video-

With the above linked crochet cast-ons I use waste yarn and a smooth ([B]not[/B] fuzzy) yarn in a slightly lighter weight if possible. You just start knitting after the cast on. For stockinette you knit a row and then purl a row if you’re knitting flat or knit all rows if you’re knitting in the round. Keep track of the number of rows.

When you get to the fold of the hem you can do a turning row so it lays nicely flat. If you’re knitting stockinette you can get a simple turning row by purling one row. I twist my purls to make them tighter, but it’s not necessary though.

After the turning row you just knit the same number of rows you did before you did the turning row. When you have the same number stop.

The easiest way to join IMO is to put the stitches from the cast on row on a spare smaller needle. Then you hold the two needles together and knit one from each needle together like you do with a 3 needle bind off. Scroll down on this page to see that -

This video also shows a turning row and how to join two edges for a hem.

I know you’ve already done your hem now, but next time give this a try. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Jan. I couldn’t explain it. I wanted to.

This is what it looks like. As you can see I made the inside of the hem a different color just for fun.