Knittin in the round

I am knitting a simple hat. If i leave the finished knitting down, the part that would be a garter stitch would be facing out. How did this happen, or is this normal? And when i get to the decreasing, what do i do?

If i pull it up through the middle than it’s all awkward and stuff, and how do i decrease that…

I had that happen with a bag I was making. I don’t know if I had it inside out or what. I never did figure it out.
I frogged the garter out and started over. Everything was fine after that.

umm…could someone explain what frogging is.

Frogging is ripping out your work (rip-it, rip-it).

I think you mean the purl side is out - garter is when you knit every row flat, or knit a row, purl a row in the round. You see mostly purl bumps in garter, but if you stretch the rows, you can see the knit rows in between. Sometimes your work can flip on you, or you pick it up and knit with the needle tips facing away from you. This makes the knitting inside out. You can fix it by pushing the knitting through so the knit side faces out, then holding it so the yarn end to the ball is on your right needle and the tips face toward you.

One of the ladies at my LYS told me a good ‘trick’ and I use it every time I knit in the round. After the first couple of rounds, put a ‘marker’ (I use a plastic, colored, coiless safety pin) on the right side of the knitting. That way, if you put the knitting down you’ll always know which is the right/public side.

It is very easy (at least for me!) to get the knitting turned inside out when you are knitting in the round.

You should knit the bit closest to you, otherwise it will be inside out.

Maybe this is wrong, but if it 's inside out as you knit, can’t you just reverse it when it’s finished? My knitting in the round is always mysterious as it starts, but seems ok once it’s finished.


Check out this website. It will show you pictures of “knitting the closest side to you”.

looking at that link…I realized I like grafting sock toes…is that weird…?

Yes, Crycket - that is VERY weird!! LOL :muah: :hug: :wink:

Oh, there we go, i didn’t know about havin the tips face me. Ok, now could i possibly have someone explain that one, how do you do that and knit. It sounds confusing.

Ah, ok, this whole holding the tips towards me, that may be doing it. Can someone explain this or give me a picture, I mean, when i knit the loop just kinda hangs down…

The pictures on this page should help - especially
and look at the videos on this site

I still don’t get it.

Explain what you’re having trouble understanding. The tips are toward you, the knit side is facing out and the yarn going to the ball is on the right needle.

OMG, ok, i figured it out. When I was knitting earlier, I had the needles straight up basically, i guess the knitting was going back though.
I see now, and i will never make that mistake again, hopefully, thank you so much anyways. lol. Sorry for being frustrating. You know, sometimes you just have an epiphany, and it hits you.

The second one really did help illustrate it, thank you again.

The second one was really helpfull, helped illustrate what i was doin wrong. Thank you so much again.

That’s alright. It’s happened to most of us at one time or another…