Knitters Unknotting Knots

When does knitting Knots strike and how do you prevent it?
Referring to those moments when you simply feel that you must fight tooth and toothpick to start your projects over again?
Respectable remedies will not be subject to judicial scrutiny.

I’m not sure I know what you mean. :??

Yeah…what?? :??

I wonder if Murep means “what do you do if you come to a tangle in your yarn that is so hard to work out that you are faced with the decision to cut and go on, or frog and start over if you can’t leave cut tail in the middle of your project?”

Personally, to save my sanity, i would pick up stitches a few rows down if at all possible, insert a lifeline, then cut and frog back. that way, you don’t have a long tail to weave in the middle of a row.

is that what you’re wondering? :thinking: