Knitters trying to meet!

So i’m not really sure if this is where I should post this, but because not a lot of people visit the knitters near you forum, I thought I would throw this out there.
A big KIP is coming up in Feb to the big Mall of America, and some have posted interest in going and meeting other KH’ers.
So I say (because I like to be big and bold) wear a sign ( I was going to go for the sandwich sign, but I don’t think I can knit in that) that says you belong “to us” I think the ravelry people did a similar thing at a recent get together.
So, maybe if you have an event in your city coming up, we can not only promote KH, but find other KH freinds?
If you happen across a short blonde with needles and yarn with a “i belong to KH and my name is Mulderknitter” please at least say hi!

I would love to go but not sure if hubby would approve of a trip to MN from NJ! I think its a great idea, maybe sometime we can have one on the on the mid-atlantic coast…