Knitters Review & email addresses on line

REMOVE IT. I am so upset this morning. I didn’t realize it, but Knitters Review listed my user name as my email ADDRESS! and yup,
just like Amy warned a few weeks ago,

I am now receiving all this junk mail from people in Africa… wanting money. Remember I posted this awhile back? Well, this is the problem, my email is there at Knitters Review and they won’t answer me. I unsubscribed but all that did was take me off their mailing list, they still list my email address.

Any suggestions? Or am I going to have to change my address (which I don’t want to do! :frowning:


If all else fails I would reccomend getting mail-washer. I haven’t used it in awhile, but I think they charge for it now – but I think it would be totaly worth the money! They might have a trial version too.

i don’t know but i would have a hard time buying anything from them as hard as it appears to get in contact with them.

have you tried the phone numbers listed under the boutique section for “contact us?”

Ok, it was my fault. Well, I should have noticed sooner they were posting my email address on line but anyhow,

I just got a reply from the owner/creator Clara herself and I felt pretty stupid coz I was ranting and it’s just her there and she did reply in 30 minutes after all. It’s a cool site, I just didn’t know about my email address being used and I probably did that wrong in the first place, maybe. Maybe not.

Anyhow, case closed. The site is nice…

Well, I guess all’s well that ends well. :wink:

vic, I have a lot of friends over there; so do a search for members and get clara, she’s in charge,just pm or email her and she will take care of it very quickly…no problem, i’m sure & i’m sure she will be very apologetic. i’ve been a member there for a while & have never had any problems, i’m really sorry to hear that. :frowning:
fyi…knittersreview entire site had a very large CRASH last week which could very well have something to do with the problem

I notice that when you first subscribe, your user name is your email address. I never got spam related to Knitter’s Review. I PM’d Clara, and she simply asked me what I wanted my user name to be, and the change was made. Hassle free.

Spam comes from a variety of sources, and spammers are getting pretty creative. Could you possibly have gotten the spam due to actions elsewhere? I’ve received the messages asking to send money to Africa for years, long long long before I joined Knitter’s Review.


Thanks all for your concern…
yeah Rebecca, Clara did email me back. Since I wasn’t getting a reply for a half hour I sort of freaked out and sent 5 emails I thought to different places, administrator etc, but she go them all and she was a little peeved. She then got rid of my address pronto.

The computer gets me whacko some mornings. What do you think about if you do a Google search and you type in your address? Will that open you up to anything? I did a google search leaving part of my email off (the end) and I found one other site where my entire address was listed, Bookreporter where I had made a comment on a book.

Glad to hear somebody else gets those messages from Africa!
geez. Ok, thanks again…

i would open a free yahoo account or something to use for sites where you aren’t sure about what they do with the info. that way if you do start getting junk mail it won’t be coming into your primary account.

and do a spyware check to make sure there isn’t any junk on your computer.

I was just going to suggest what brendajos did…I opened a hotmail account that uses my bubba41437, and I go in there every once and again and just delete. That way it keeps my normal email clear of all that junk.


that’s weird about the email thing, but, i guess if we comment on most anything on some of these sites it leaves us open…i NEVER thought about it leaving us open with our email!! is there any way that u can remove the comment that u made about this book in the other area?
clara is truly a very nice lady, if she was peeved it’s bc some people have been coming on the forum & trying to cause trouble and making rude remarks and all sorts of things…no reflection on you, of course, but these things have been happening on KR just recently from what I understand…she really is quite nice…so, did u stay as a member? am i going to know u if i see your post there…because I’m a bi-forum knitter…i swing to bother forums…this one and KR…thought it was about time I came out of the closet about my biforumality…not that there’s anything wrong with that!!

Biformality… wait, biforumality there it is, oh I like that word! That is so cute!

I actually didn’t stay as a member coz I kept trying to change my User ID to not bwe my email address and wasn’t having any luck.
Maybe I’ll go back after a breather. Yes, Clara does seem nice. I apologized profusely, even told her I’d send a picture of my crazy colored new socks I’m making to make her laugh.

Yeah, that’s good info about using another email id… I’ll have to do that in the future.

:shock: :shock: I’m a sock knitting freak…love to knit them (top down, haven’t done toe up yet)…what crazy colored socks…I must see them!!!
thank u very much!!

:shock: Wait, how did you know your e-mail was there for all to see? Where? :shock: (Gato’s tail hairs stand on end.)

When you first sign up, your email address is your user name. At least, that’s what happened to me. If you don’t PM the administrator to change it, your email address is shown in each post you create or reply to. As I said earlier, the change was easy and quick.


Thanks, Anna!
So, as long as I don’t post, I should be okay. Phew.

Yeah, that’s what happened, I didn’t realize I was supposed to email Clara whose site it is, about changing the name. She’s emailed me again to tell me about that.

I did find my email on another site ( and I wrote them to remove it but they haven’t responded. I had FOUR request for money this morning (boy do you get tempted to write them back but my dh said that’s the worse thing you can do of course). So unfortunately my name is really out there and I might have to change my address. :crying:

ah well,

I must get about 4 e-mails per week about money in an African account or $ from a dead relative in Africa. I also get e-mails for male enhancement and manuals on how to really please my woman. I’ve won a Hummer and a Jaguar and I’ve also been asked to please send my PIN # since there was a problem with my bank account. As far as I knew, my e-mail wasn’t really out there. DH says everyone gets them. He has two e-mail accounts at work – one public and one private – and he gets junk e-mails on both accounts. It may just be a cyber problem/annoyance.

Won a hummer and a jaguar! :roflhard:

yup, annoying buggers out there! funny, I didn’t get any for the longest time, like a year or so, now all of a sudden they started up.