Knitter's Pride Nova Platina needles

I’m in[B][COLOR=“Red”] L :heart: OVE.[/COLOR][/B]

My old style Nova US size 1.5 - 47" circular that I got when they were closing them out at WEBS had a rough spot. They sent a Nova Platina replacement. I’ve only worked a few rounds in garter stitch on the socks I have OTN - I’m transitioning from stockinette to rib and was doing some garter ridges in between so the needles being size 1.5 instead of size 1 which I’m using wasn’t a problem - and I can tell they’re just a little nicer to work with. Darn it. Now I guess when I can spend money again I’ll need more. :teehee:

The stitches move just a bit more easily, the taper is just enough more to be noticeably better and the join couldn’t be smoother unless it was all one piece. The cables seem to be improved also, and I’ve preferred the Knitter’s Pride cables over the ones from Knit Picks for a while now.

HTH anyone who might be wondering about the new Platinas.