Knitter's Pride needle sale

In case anyone wants to know and isn’t already aware, WEBS is having their 39th anniversary sale and some of their needles are on sale.

Dang! I already bought mine a few months ago. Oh well, I’ve sure enjoyed using them between now and then, so what’s a little money compared to that?

Thanks for letting us know!

Knitter’s Pride is one of the few products I personally refuse to buy. They’re Knitpicks Options clones.They skirt the copyright laws by alternating the colors differently. I don’t think it’s ethical. I always get rebuttals from the moderators refuting this, but I got it straight from Knitpicks’ customer service reps in a reply email to my inquiry about it.

My other product is IAMS pet food. They contract with a private lab that does cruel animal testing. I WILL NOT support that. I don’t boycott too often, but when I do I have a strong conviction about it.

If you feel that patents are being infringed upon, then not buying them is what you should do. I don’t know how long Knit Picks Options have been around but the checking I did indicated that a patent lasts 20 years.

Meh! I’ll let them duke it out amongst themselves. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my Knitter’s Pride Dreamz needles (and my new yarn just arrived today–hoorah!–but I have to work–Waah!).

Knitpicks’ great customer service is worth the extra five or ten dollars I might pay for a set. You get what you pay for. I’ve seen this a lot with Gibson clone guitars. Gibson sues the company, they go out of business, the product disappears, and you can’t get parts for them anymore.