Knitters Ornaments

I put my own spin on this idea of making ornaments for knitters. Since my MIL only knits dishcloths, I did hers in lilys cotton. And I figured what knitter doesn’t want a “project bag” hanging from his/her tree, lol.
I h ave already given 6 away and they were well received by my knitting buds… Thanks to whom ever thought the “yarn ball” one up!!


:happydance: they look great!!


Absolutely adorable!

Just adorable :slight_smile:

Very cute.

fabulous ornaments- love the WIP!!! lol… they look really nice on the tree.

Very nice x

Thanks everyone… as simple as they were to make, I had a lot of fun thinking them up. I’m trying to include my familes hobbies on our tree this yr. I have to say, finding “fishing” related ornaments was a lot easier than trying to find anything “knitting” related, hence the “make them yourself” one of a kind ones now on our tree, lol.

Very cute!


Love them Trace! I want to have a ‘knitting’ tree next year! It will have to be small though!

these are adorable!!! i have seen pins made like this but love the ornaments!!!

I love those! Cute!