Knitters journal

[color=darkred]Does anyone keep one? if so what do you keep in it?[/color]

I have all my untried patterns in one file on my computer. As I do them I take a picture, write any notes on what I changed or problems and add them to the completed files (by catagories). Then I print them out and put them in a binder so if my computer crashes I have a copy of all my “good” patterns. I want to make a “good” cd too. I like being able to print out a copy when I start a new project so I can mark on it. If I make more than one of a pattern I have a knittng folder for extra pictures.

oh. ok. thanks for the insight.

In my notebook I keep all my yarn labels, and write underneath what my gauge was if it was different and what needles I used. I keep all my project progress and pics on my blog, so I don’t “journal” on paper. I also have a bunch of sheet protectors that I put patterns in that I do or that I want to do so that I can return the library books for someone else to use. :lol: Oh, and with my yarn labels, I always cut a littl 2 inch piece of the yarn to tape in there with it, so that I can know what it was as opposed to scratching my head saying ," Now which yarn was the Colonial?"

i just keep track of all my projects on my blog, though i ussuallly never do take pics of them (socks or things for gifts…and i always manage to givve it away before it gets close to a camera!)