Knitters Jewelry

I don’t think this is an off topic post, if it is, oh well!! :rofling:

My DH found this in a magazine at the doctor’s office and brought it home for me and now I’m passing it along to all of you!! Yes, the prices are steep, but I think I’m gonna ask for the necklace, I think it’s just perfect!!


I love the knitter’s ball necklace but WOW, those are expensive!!! :shock:

Yes indeed…very very pricey. I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of those designs before…even the ball…just under another name… maybe they think knitters will be willing to pay a higher price for something unique. Shop around and you might find similar or same designs elsewhere.! :slight_smile: Always pretty to look at jewelry though…ahh…if only for a deep pocket…:think:

Oh gosh…the jewelry is just gorgeous! :inlove:

Yes, the prices are high, but whoever writes their product descriptions deserves a raise! It was almost poetic!


Unfortunately Gold is really expensive! I make sterling silver jewelry and am pretty sure I can make that “ball” necklace out of sterling. I’ll have to experiment.



I spend my whole life trying to find what I want at a cheaper price. Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge!! :thumbsup: