Knitters in the North East

OK, there has been some talk that we shouldn’t let the Illinoisians have all the fun with their getting together and knitting and all that… :wink:
So, anyone in the Northeast that would like to give it a shot?? I know that term covers quite a bit of area, but if there’s enough interest we could organize two or more… say, one near Pittsburgh, one near DC, one in New England.

Personally, I love daytrips, so any drive up to 3-4 hrs away is no problem.

Hey Rebecca - I live in PGH so I’m glad to see this!!

I don’t know if 3-4 hours just for the day would be doable - I’d have to stay the night somewhere to make it worth the drive - I don’t like driving - my DH can attest to that - when we do long trips - I immediately sleep - poor thing has to drive the whole way.

It depends on when it is. I’m probably closer to you all when I’m home, but I only get to be home foe 5 weeks (aside from summer) all year, so I’m not giving that time up!
When I’m at school, I’d be willing to drive three hours or so, but I also have to think about having class and homework and whatnot. :rollseyes:

I’d love to meet you guys! I would consider making a longer trip (i.e. overnight), but like Cate, I have school to consider. I was thinking that northern PA would be a good compromise. There’s also Elmira/Binghamton. People from PA could get up there in a couple hours and folks like Ingrid, Victoise, Cate, and I would be a couple hours away. (Sorry Susie, that would still be a long trek for you!) I don’t know how far that is from NYC, I’ve never been east of Binghamton. We’ve only lived out here about 13 years. :rollseyes:

Darn all these mountains and lakes! They’re all just in the way! Where’s my flying car?!! :lol:

I"d love to get together with fellow KH people!!! :slight_smile: I’m in Baltimore so fairly centrally located. DH drags…ahem…cough sputter…TAKES me to Civil War battle fields…:slight_smile: so I figure I can TAKE him on a field trip like this!!!

Hmmmm, yeah that’s a great idea but, but there’s a but, I hate driving too far by myself too. Binghamton is about 3 hours, not quite.
It would be a great summery thing. PA is not too far but I never go there. I wouldn’t mind inviting you all to my place! I have a HUGE new sunporch that I’m actually thinking of turning into a knitting shop/class/get together place once it’s finished (and as long as my DH doesn’t mind which I don’t think he will).

I’m in sheep/alpaca country too! Catskills, east of Binghamton about 3 hours I guess. Bovina Center. There are some really neat B & Bs in my little hamlet also. Well, let’s kick it around and see what happens.
The other night I had some friends over and I excitedly pulled out my newest yarn which btw, is brilliant colors I got at the Wool & Sheep Festival, and they were like, ‘ummmm, yawn, yes, isn’t that lovely’’ !!! So it would be nice to be around some ENTHUSED understanding knitters! :lol:

I like the idea of Binghamton (but it’s about 5 hours for all you MD folk :P), but that’s only because it’s close. I go through it every time I go home. :smiley:

I’m in the Cleveland area, so any Pittsburgh/Buffalo kinda meet up would be good for me - even mid-PA okay.

NO YOU SHOULDN’T!!! We are GLAD to serve as some sort of inspiration!! :cheering:

Great idea!!! :cheering:

If western Massachusetts isn’t too far for y’all, I happen to live 1/2 hour from the country’s largest yarn store!! (Webs, aka ) I bet we could get a room to ourselves to hang out, and Northampton’s a great town for food and shopping. :smiley:

Sounds like NY might be a more central hub though? :thinking:

I’m up for a Western Mass trip! I live in Central Mass and have been dying to get out that way! Plus meeting some new knitter-buds would be cool too :wink:

I’m so glad to see everyone getting enthused about this…
Vic - :shock: - you’re a brave woman, volunteering your house! :roflhard: [size=2]I probably would, too- but only if I could kick DH and kids out for the day… and that won’t happen [/size]:rollseyes:
Well, this is great, I’ve definitely gotten some good ideas - I personally don’t mind a longer drive, but I know for a lot of people it’s just not doable…
HeatherFeather - I drive through Catonsville every time I go to DC/Virginia :slight_smile: I know it’s not too far from here, maybe two hours…
Good start, keep 'em coming!

A meet up would be fun! I’m in Western Massachusetts, pretty close to Amy actually. I can even ride my bike down to Webs!

Unfortunately, I’ve got a pretty small travelling radius due to not having a car. If there’s one within a short bus ride from me, I’d love to attend!

Also, Cate! Do you live in NY and go to school in Annapolis or the other way around?

I’d rather head over to Mass. than down through the city. My concern with Binghamton area is driving for 3 hours and having to turn around and come home. I’m open to discussion, though. Bovina would be good for me, too.

Bovina Center is 3 and a half hours from me. This looks more complicated than an Illinois gathering. :?? Perhaps I should recuse myself from making arrangements since I’m not convenient to anyone. I’ll just show up if I can when you decide to get together.

Same for me. A lot of your suggestions just wouldn’t work for me. Good luck, though! :smiley:

I would love to get together- I hate to drive, but depending on where it is, I could do it. Rebecca, depending on what direction we need to go in, maybe we could team up and go together? I guess it just depends on what area would be the most central to the most people who are interested, and where we would be able to gather. My house is more that open to anyone who’d like to come, but since I’m in the Philadelphia area, I’m not sure how local that is to all you NY people. This is, assuming we are talking day trip- if you want to stay the night, you’d have to sleep on the floor with the kitties!! :wink:

I’m willing to go an hourish away… maybe a little further, but i’ll cross that stream when i pass it:)

I’m in New Jersey, Central – So I would LOVE to get together…if it wasn’t too far away…I could do NYC or Jersey area.

I’ll be checking in to see what we can all do!

Thanks for the suggestions!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! If I can ever get down to southern Ontario to see my family, I would sooooooo much go to NY as a side trip. I would do a 3+ hour drive no problem!