Knitters in Ontario Canada?

I’m not far from St. Catharien’s ON, I was wondering if I’m the only one here knitting?

Nope, there’s lots of us from Canada on here.

:waving:Just wanted to wave ‘hello’ to knitters in Ontario, I used to live in Ottawa & Vanier. I miss it sooooo much! I enjoy talking to them on Ravelry though!:hug:

I was once an Etobicokian…and am now a Kitchenerite…smiles

Hi: I am in Mississauga, Ontario, which is just west of Toronto.

i am in Fort Erie (very close to St Catharines)

That great now I don’t feel so alone lol.

I’m in London :slight_smile:

I’m in Milton, Ontario, just west of Mississauga.

Windsor, Ontario here.

Haha, I’m so far south though I may as well be American. I grew up with American TV, can only understand my weather in Fahrenheit and, of all things, I do customer service for AT&T southwest. haha.


I’m in Hamilton, On. Not too far away! :slight_smile:

im in soutwestn ontario ridgetown

howdy from the great Northwest…EH??:muah:

I am from Port Stanley, ON - right on Lake Erie. Beautiful here! :slight_smile: Nice to see so many people on here from our area. Happy holidays everyone!

Brampton Ontario, Just a little northwest of Toronto proper.
Though I’m actually countryside.

I’m in Cambridge :waving:

Beej13, I went to school in Ridgetown way back when. :slight_smile:

I am in Brockville ON…city of the Thousand Islands!

Cobourg, ON…10 min east of Port Hope and roughly 2 hours east of Toronto.

There is a cute little yarn shop in Milton, Main Street Yarns…