Knitters in eastern oklahoma county area?

New knitter looking for other knitters in eastern Oklahoma county harrah mcloud newalla area.

I’m from Midwest City area. I have been looking for the same thing. :slight_smile:

Well Mrsforest, let’s keep this thread going and see if we can’t find some more folks to join us! My name is Teresa, by the way.

Hi, I’m sorta close! I’m in the NE corner of OK… Cleora.

Hi Teresa. :slight_smile: Midwest City Library has a knit wit group on the 15th of Jan. :slight_smile: I have a friend that also knits but doesn’t drive. Meeting other knitters would be awesome.

Nice to meet you Tazjea!

Thanks Mrsforest! I will call the library for times

The time is on this flyer.