Knitters in Bejing

My girlfriend visited her father (works for Boeing) in China this Spring. She was surprised to see knitters all along the streets! (I don’t know why she was surprised. Isn’t knitting a worldwide sport? :wink: )

:lol: It IS a worldwide sport! However, I rarely see knitters outside of the yarn store so maybe it’s different there?

Yup, it’s mighty different there! In more ways that one!

I was once knitting in a waiting room and two Chinese women came over to see what I was doing. One didn’t speak any English, and the other, just barely–“pretty, very pretty”

I thought it was odd, but now I understand!

nice to know that others knit in public, too. Even as far away as bejing!
It would be interesting to compare techniques. They probably have totally different tricks up their knitted sleeves :slight_smile:

I would imagine that the Chinese do MORE with LESS at their fingertips.