Knitter's Handy Guide To Yarn Requirements

A laminated phamplet with yarn yardage requirements for basic mittens, gloves, scarves, socks, hats, tams, vests, and sweaters at multiple sizes and multiple gauges.

I saw this recommended at another site, then googled it to find a good price. Most places charged about the same price, but this site offered free shipping. :thumbsup:

It looks like it will be helpful for a newish knitter like myself. :smiley:

I got that at my LYS…it is very handy! :thumbsup:

Sigh, I have no LYS. :rollseyes:

thanks for the yarnia link…haven’t see that site before.

I got that at Hobby Lobby–I think it was the same price. Seems like it will be useful!

I was checking out this wool there. Decent price and good colors.

That does seem like a good price! :smiley:

Luv that wool, Kemp!
You can sometimes buy the laminated guide with ‘the handy book of sweater pattern’, too :wink: