Knitters from ky?

I’m a beginner knitter and I really need some help. I’m starting my 1st scarf and ive done something wrong and do not know what to do or where to go from where I’m stuck. Help me please!!

I’m sure there are knitters from Kentucky, but I suggest two things… going to a local yarn store and seeing if they have a knit night of some sort. I go weekly to mine and it’s a lot of fun. I also take classes there.

The second idea is to go to the [U]appropriate forum[/U] here here in Knitting Help and post your question. Always give a pattern name and link if possible, and then state what you are having trouble with and where it is in the pattern. You can type out a few lines of the confusing part.

You’ll get a lot more replies in the Pattern forum. Want me to move it?