Knitters cramp

Does anyone else suffer from neck/shoulder pain when knitting? I’m not a tight knitter, so I don’t think I’m being tense in the stressed out sense. I try to keep my elbows by my sides and relax my shoulders but after a couple of days of starting to knit again I get all kinked up!

That’s a common thing if you knit english, because you’re wrapping the yarn with your [B]shoulder[/B], which affects your [B]neck[/B].

I knit english and I tend to get stiff as well. I just take a moment to readjust and move a bit. Is that just something that you have to deal with if you dont knit continental Im wondering?

Well, with continental, there is less shoulder/arm movement, so it’s wrist pain that we continental knitters should worry about, because we move our wrists most. Not as much of a problem with English.

As you can see, different styles of knitting have their different areas of stress.

I knit english and only move my arm, not my shoulder, but I don’t think that’s the cause. Just sitting for a period of time, usually with your head down, will put strain on your neck and shoulders because you’re not moving them. The arms will get strained because of the repetitive movement of your hands and fingers and you may not realize it until your wrists start to hurt. So it’s a good idea to get up and move around every hour or even less, stretch and shake your arms and hands, stretch shoulders and neck. You’ll prevent problems later on.


i knit english and it seems like my ring finger on my left hand is constantly cramping. the pains of knitting, i suppose. well worth it! :slight_smile:

you may also want to make sure you are sitting in a good chair: when I slump in bed to watch TV and knit I get sore shoulders. when I sit nice and straight in a chair I’m fine…