Knitter's Christmas

My family came through like gang busters for my gifts this year. I got a yarn winder, knitting bag, and the Sweater Wizard software which brings me to a question. I want to do a turtleneck sweater for my DD. She wants it very simple, stockinette stitch for everything except the bottom, turtleneck and the ribbing on the sleeves. Can anyone suggest a slightly decorative rib-type stitch to use on those areas that would be reversible? Or maybe it doesn’t have to be reversible. Thanks so much in advance. You guys always come through for everyone. Hope you are having wonderful holidays.:muah:

Wow! Congrats!! You got some wonderful gifts!! No help on the decorative rib stitch though - ArtLady is probably your best bet in that area. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. Now that I think about it, it seems Art Lady had some posts about the sweater wizard. I’ll go back through some older posts to see what she mentions.

Hope your holidays have been good ones and the New Year is wonderful.:wink:

My mom got me a ball winder for christmas too. I am obsessed. I have wound every piece of yarn that I could get my hands on. Whether it needed it or not.

I’m right there with you. Nothing has escaped the ball winder!

I’m hinting at a ball winder for a holiday I made up in January… well, technically, Robbie Burns Day IS a holiday in Scotland. I want one so bad, you’re lucky you got one.