Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques

I have a brand-new copy of this book for sale or to trade. Somehow I ordered 2 by mistake. I’ll sell it for $17.00, which includes the media mail shipping cost of $3.99 Or I’ll trade it for one of these books in very good or better condition:

  1. EZ’s Knitting Around
  2. EZ’s Knitter’s almanac
  3. EZ’s Opinionated Knitter
  4. The Natural Knitter
  5. Knitting on the Road
  6. The Sweater Workshop

PM me if interested.

I corrected the price!! Not $417.00!!!

Dang! Mine’s currently enroute from knitpicks - got it on the 40% off sale.

I’m sorry I can’t offer for yours. :sad:



I wiosh I knew about teh books earlier. I just ordered the Knitter Book of Finishing Techniques on Amazon. ( 12.00 )

I’ll keep looking here.