Knitter's block

Ha ha!

But it’s true! I don’t know what to knit next. May be I should use the opportunity to catch up on some reading or give my husband some attention.

Has anyone else had this? And what did you do.


It happens to me all the time! I cruise knitting pattern central or a knitting magazine and see what grabs me. Then I order more yarn (because what I have in my stash never seems to work…:shifty:), and the knitty desire consumes me!

Knit a dish cloth while thinking over what to do next…

That happens to me all the time, too, especially after I finish a big project. I usually look through my yarn to remind myself of all the things a supposedly bought the yarn for. :teehee: And then, like Angelia, I often end up buying more. :shrug:

Knit preemie hats with your stash yarn while waiting for inspiration to hit! Tiny projects that are greatly appreciated. I send mine to the MD chaper of Newborns in Need, you can google it, I don’t remember the website. They have preemie patterns for hats, blankets, and burial layettes. It is very sad that some parents can’t afford an outfit to bury their young child in. Plus, it is a nonprofit organization, if you estimate how much for the cost of the yarn, they will send you a receipt for a tax deduction.

Yeah, little things til you see a picture in a magazine that you know you would love to wear! I just picked up a bunch of little bits of yarn and made a wrist warmer, now doing the 2nd one.
They use such a small amount and it’s fun to combine colours of leftovers. You could do a headband, legwarmers (if it’s cold where you live)… washcloths yes that are a new stitch you don’t know.
A little bag. A little sweater for a teddy bear. :teehee:

Thanks everyone,

I didn’t expect to get so many responces.

Ran out of dishcloth yarn. I only have the very expensive cotton which I already made one dishcloth out of and I’m not sure if I should use it all up for dishcloths. I might make a spa set out of it for someone special.

I just remembered that I have some stash under my bed that I’ve been meening to use up quite some time now. It’s recycled 100% acrylic in medium gray and stong pink. I have about 3 balls of each (I think). May be they’ll be good for an illusion cushion cover? The pink is too strong on it’s own and the gray too dull so I’ll have to use them together.

Meanwhile I’ve some house work to get on with. Yeepy :happydance: