Knitters are instant friends!

:grphug: Yesterday, I took my daughter to a birthday party. DH was scowling because I grabbed my knitting bag. Once we got there, I noticed ANOTHER woman (whom I did not know) knitting. I walked over and asked what she was knitting. She immediately showed me the beautiful lace shawl that she is working on. I showed her my baby blanket. We sat and knit together the entire time. DH was relieved. He thought it would be embarrassing for me to bring my knitting to the party - but he soon realized that other women do indeed knit. He gave me a peck on the forehead and said, “Knit on.”

Oh that’s so cool! I have yet to meet anyone else in my area who knits, although being in FL they probably find it too hot to bring it out with them. :teehee: My cousin has expressed interest in learning, and I think I finally have the basics down enough to teach her.

How fun! It’s always nice to hook up with another knitter. Online is a great way to chat - but nothing beats face-to-face. Glad your DH finally “gets” it!!

that sounds so fun!! :woot:

“knit on”, that’s adorable. :slight_smile: I recently flew to Portland, OR from Texas. I had a stopover in Denver. So, there and back I had a total of 4 flights. On THREE of them I was sitting next to a knitter! :slight_smile:

Embarrassing to bring your knitting out in public? I say show off your skills gurl!

Aw what a nice story. I took a train from Seattle to Portland and on there was at least one knitter in each train car. We are everywhere :cheering:

… you mean there are people who DON’T knit in public?? boggles