Knitterly observations

I have been more of a lurker than a participator for quite some time…but I have some observations: this is THE most user friendly knitting bulletin board I have ever seen. Everyone is very supportive and friendly, no one makes disparaging remarks about other posters…there are lots of talented posters on this site…both as knitters and with great sense of humor ( reasons to explain yarn stash to a posters mom)… and, because someone yesterday posted about the pattern-a-day calendar being on sale I HAD to go to Borders today and got the last one!!! It was only four dollars so I also splurged on “simply knitting” magazine from England (of all places). I reallly like it but it is 8.99 an issue so only allow myself to get once in a while. Thanks for being here, I have learned alot from all of you! Tillie

Wow, I get to be the first one to say Welcome to the forum! :happydance: :cheering: This is a great bunch of knitters here, I tend to read more than post but when I do ask a question, I always get real good answers.


I agree about this being THE friendly knitting forum. As a male knitter, I read through a number of knitting related forums that were either unfriendly or downright hostile towards male knitters. I was quite happy to find this place and have felt nothing but welcome here.

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!!

I agree it is a very friendly forum… if you ever have a question just ask someone is always here to help!!

:fingerwag: We don’t tolerate snarkiness and meanness here. No way, no how!

It is the friendliest place around–funny, supportive and warm. My home away from home. (or is it home within home?)

Welcome to the forum!!! :cheering:

Welcome to the forum. :cheering:

There are a GREAT bunch of people here.

Hello, and welcome to you. Like you, I don’t post often, but when I do, I always find the people more than willing to offer help and encouragement.

Welcome and this is a great place to be!

:hug: Bear hugs & welcome!

Hi! Welcome!

:slight_smile: Glad you’re here!


Welcome Tillie! I agree with KK, this is a “home within a home”–very fun and even though I am digi-cam inept and have hardly posted any pics of my huge stash or minimal FO’s… I love coming here because you can read about everyone else and get pointers and so on.
I like to treat myself to Simply Knitting too “once in a while” which is easy since it only comes out that often anyway… sorta makes up for the $tag…
Enjoy the craziness and see on the boards! :cheering:

Simply knitting usually has a present in it too! :cheering: got a gauge checker thingy this last time.

Welcome to our little corner of the world! This is sort of where I keep the crazy relatives that everybody knows exist but never talk about! :teehee:

WELCOME!! Glad to have you here! Be careful…this place is VERY addictive.

Um, this isn’t just the friendliest knitting forum, it’s the friendliest forum of ANY kind. I’ve been on my share of forums and they may say they are nice but you either have to be in the “in” crowd or NEVER say anything wrong or go against the grain! I just LOVE it here :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, welcome to the best place on the 'net!


Welcome! I really like it here too. It’s a very friendly place!

Welcome to the forum!

I definitely agree with you. I’ve checked out other knitting forums but people are were pretty mean and snotty to newbies. It’s really not cool. This place, on the other hand, is VERY cool. :cheering:

When I need help with something, I usually don’t have to wait very long to get it. And it’s always a patient, helpful answer. Not an “Ugh, we’ve explained this a jillion times already. Do a search before you ask stupid questions.” as I’ve seen other places.

Welcome! I agree with the rest. I’m relatively new myself, having been here less than a month. And I agree with you. I’ve never had the fortune of meeting a friendlier bunch! I so enjoy the humor, often laughing aloud as I read the posts.

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