Knitter in Kneed

Hello everyone,

I’ve been coming to this site for sometime and actually learned to knit from all of the tips and info found on here. And I know what a tight knit (pun intended :P) group we knitters can be. Currently a fellow knitter is in need. A young woman named Allison has a beautiful three month old baby boy named Evan. Evan has a brain tumor and is in need of surgery. He suffers from seizures on a daily basis. Now she runs a Yarn business from home so if you can find it in your heart to buy a few things from her, you’ll have the knowledge that it’s helping out a family in need. You can find her store at and read all about sweet little Evan here at . Any little thing can help. Just keep them in your thoughts.


Thanks for posting the info. Will give it a look see~

I was just reading her blog and I noticed this:

People have asked about linking to me - yes, please do! Link to this blog and to my website. It all helps! If you can, please link to vs. the landing page of the eBay store (, since I get 75% fewer fees deducted by eBay when people type in my url vs. going through eBay. The logic is that eBay offers a discount on fees when you do the marketing.

So go here: instead of using the other link! :smiley:

She has those cooool embroidery patterns in her store :inlove:

Thanks Julie for posting another much easier to see link. Yeah she has some very nice items in her store, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you buy something.