Knitter for rent, anyone

Wondering if there are any experienced knitters on the forum that will knit for people, for a fee.
If there are, and you would be interested in finishing a project for me, could you pm me.

I think a lot would depend on what said project was. Some do not do socks, some only do afghans, some hate sweaters, some hate anything made with really skinny or even fuzzy yarn. What type of project are you wanting finished? I can not offer to do it because I am not experienced enough to take on someone else’s work. I have to start in the early winter to get a spring/summer sweater/tee done before it gets too cold to wear it.

Good point Crocee, I did not think of that.
The project is a vest, the front sections are done and the back section is done. It would need to have the side panels added (that get knit onto the pieces), it would need to be joined at the shoulders and the edging added.
It is knit with a nice quality yarn. It is not a mess or anything, I just would like to see it finished, and I know I cant’ do it. Hope this helps.