Knitted vest - up second strap

I’m currently knitting a vest where you work one strap at a time. I’ve cast off one strap and left the start of the other (14 stitches) on my needles. I cut the yarn off of the cast off strap however I now need to work the other strap. I’m really not sure how to pick this back up with no working yarn? Please can someone assist!! The picture should make things clearer.

We didn’t get the picture but I think you explained your problem well enough.
I’m knitting a vest just now too.

You take your yarn ball (same one or if it is near the end you might prefer to switch to a new one if you think you won’t have enough) and literally just insert your needle into the second strap, exactly the same as you would if the yarn ball was still joined. Wrap the yarn as usual, whilst keeping a long 6 " tail held reasonably firmly behind, and draw your stitch through as usual. This first stitch and perhaps the next couple will be a bit loose but you can pull on the tail to snug it up. One the return row you can snug up these first stitches again by pulling the tail if needed. Once you have a couple of rows it will all hold together.
After you finish the vest you go back to this tail and any others and weave them jn to make secure and neat.

The video shows joining in the new yarn ball mid row but it is the same when starting the second strap too.
Hope this helps.

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