Knitted vest hoody?

Anyone know where there is a preferably free pattern for a childs vest with a hood that can be worked on straight needles. Has to fit a 12 month old or a little bit older, thankyou!!!:slight_smile:

Did you try Ravelry?

Hi, found a beautiful little one on ravelry, thanks :cheering:


Okay Miss Rach…please share it!!!
I didnt realize how difficult it was to find a nice one until you mentioned it and I started looking too. See what you started??! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha,ha ye i know its very hard to find a real gem, i absolutley love this one though!! :slight_smile:

I don’t see a hood. Does it have one?

Completely forgot about the hood, haha, it was late when i found it so i must of just gave up lookin for the hood :roflhard: if ye find 1 can you let me know!! Thanks!!:knitting:

Couldn’t you just make a hood for it?