Knitted ummmm, monthly things for women

I can’t stop laughing! :roflhard: I guess this is one way to save a few bucks a month.;topicseen

I am not sure…part of me thinks it is a great idea…the other part of me is completely repulsed!

I don’t even have words…

I agree with Crycket! I hate throwing things away, I recycle as much as I can, but I don’t know about this.

Makes me so glad that I don’t even have to consider these.

recently saw a comment about going green and femine hygiene products. I believe the link was
I’m all about recycling but this is going too far for me.

How odd… The look like cat toys to me. Just add some little eyes and you’ve got a toy mouse.

geezzzzzzzzzzzzz :eyes:

:passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout:

I was thinking pads, which can be washed and bleached…but uhhhhh…
Suddenly menopause doesn’t sound so bad!

OMG!!! I was SO going to post tonight asking if anyone had any patterns for something like this because, well, it happened to me tonight and I have no money, and no necessities. I ended up calling my mom and dad to ask if I could borrow some money to go to Walgreen’s so I’m hooked up now but I am totally bookmarking this pattern :teehee: Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh?

This makes me appreciate not living in the old days, before disposable came to be.

Wow, this is an awesome idea! I read the whole thread… they were talking about UV rays helping to kill bacteria, so I pictured my clothesline out back with little tampons clipped on, swaying in the breeze. :roflhard:

I can’t imagine this being practical for someone who has a very heavy flow [I]and [/I]works away from home…
If those factors don’t exist, I suppose they would be more economical…

I have a lot to say about this topic. First of all though, this comment from cdjack had me :roflhard:

How odd… The look like cat toys to me. Just add some little eyes and you’ve got a toy mouse.

:roflhard: :rofl:

This doesn’t gross me out; the ladies just a few generations before us used to wash out the cloths they used. After all, it’s a naturally healthy occurence each month and it’s from our own bodies.

Having said that, I would worry about some who wouldn’t wash them out well enough. I took care of several women with toxic shock syndrome in the 1980’s. Not a pleasant thing to consider.

Well who has time for that? I have about five mins to get to the bathroom since I teach, and I can’t imagine standing at the sink to wash one of those out, or putting it in a baggy to take home.

They also look uncomfortable- the knits and the purls I mean.

Yeah- no. This is one way I wouldn’t go green. I’m glad for the little luxuires we have in the 21st century.

I’m past all that, but all I can say (when thinking a couple of years when I would have been “involved”) is OH ICK!!!

Besides the fact that they look horribly uncomfortable (and are missing the handy-dandy insertion tool which always was a blessing to me), I doubt that they would have been sufficient for me on my heaviest days.

As for washing the cloths back in the day…well, they weren’t INSIDE your body, to me that makes a huge difference.

I’m gldad I hadn’t heard about these and the pressure to be “green” before the change hit! (And no way would I use them!!!)

Umm, no!

I guess this is the first time in the last… ohhh about two years now, that I can say there is something positive about menopause and this would be it! Ewwww ick!!!


That’s gross and makes a whole other load of laundry that I just don’t need. Cotton and cardboard will biodegrade in the landfill, wont they? But using water in order to wash and reuse these seems a waste of resources. Besides, they probably won’t be the same after a washing. Or you have to throw out the insides and wash the outsides?