Knitted Toys - How do I sew up the bits?

Oh help again! Here I am in cold Scotland with great need for draught excluders. so I’ve knitted them and er… have no idea how to sew on the “bits” like ears, tails, legs etc. I’ve done the doggie draft dodger from the Bernat website free patterns and now I’ve got all my bits laid out I just don’t know enough about sewing an appendage to the body without ruining the whole look. Is there a method, tip, type of stitch that some wonderful toy maker can fill me in on?
Please help me, my toes are cold! :rofl:

I wish I were in cold Scotland. :pout:

As to your question, can you do any of the seaming with the pieces inside out, like tacking on the ears, legs, etc. by working from the inside?

Did the pattern itself not include any seaming/bit-attachment instructions?

Hi Angelina and thanks for your reply. I never thought of doing the stitching from the inside - most of the patterns I’ve seen and this one included tell you to stuff the toy and stitch it up first before attaching the appendages. Then add the really helpful instruction: sew on the ears etc

I have a real gripe with modern patterns being a self taught book learner. There are so many assumptions made and so few instructions in some patterns that unless you are really experienced or have someone to show you then it’s a nightmare. :wall:

If you know how to handsew you’re miles ahead - if you can take me that extra mile I’d be very grateful! :happydance: