Knitted tote


I want to knit a simple tote bag. I’ve found patterns that are a shape and style I like but many are designed to be felted. I don’t want a felted bag. If I use a felted bag pattern but don’t felt it will it turn out ok? I do plan to line it with fabric for strength and durability.


Hi, the only issue i can think of using a felted pattern un-felted will be size. The item is usually knit larger to allow for shrinkage during felting. I can only see this being (sort of) a problem if it is really massive though!! Does the pattern indicate what the size will be pre felting?


No, I always look for pre felting size. I agree size would probably be the issue. Since a tote bag is basically rectangular-ish if I watch my gauge and measure I can allow for a large pattern that’s intended to shrink and end up with the size I want. Thanks!


Maybe try a different yarn that doesn’t felt to make the pattern? I’m no expert, but, I think that is what I would do if I found a pattern I liked. Good luck!