Knitted toque not stretchy, help!

Hi guys, I’m super new to knitting and I’ve just finished this toque, I found the pattern on yarnspiration website and followed it throughly. Used the softee chunky yarn by Bernat and US size 11 needles.

I started 57 stitches, followed the pattern and made sure there was no major mistakes, (there were a few weird spots where i wrapped the yarn the wrong direction when i knitted so there are a few twisted purl stitches but i knitted through the back loop to fix on the next row).

However after I finished everything the toque is too big for my head and it’s not stretchy at all!!! It’s also almost twice as wide as the knitted ones I have seen people selling at markets when laying flat on the desk.

Is it because I knitted too loose so that it’s not stretchy? I counted about 10 sts in 10cm in the toque i knitted (pattern recommend 11sts in 10cm). I used the same softee chunky too. Can someone give me some tips on how to make stretchy toques please? Thanks!

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The problem with the size may be in part due to your gauge being off from the gauge given for the pattern. Even though a hat if fairly small, it’s still a lot of work so it’s worth knitting a gauge swatch. That way you can adjust the needle size so that you get the correct gauge. You would try going down a needle size in the case of this hat. Take a look at the advice at the top of the page under Free Videos, Getting Started on gauge.
The stretchiness is at least in part due to the yarn. I’ve used Bernat Softee Baby and not found it to be a very stretchy yarn either. Another yarn, spun differently in wool, a wool blend or an acrylic will probably give you a stretchier knit fabric.
Good work fixing the twisted sts. You did the right thing.