Knitted tea cup pin cushions

Take a look at these ADORABLE knitted tea cup pin cushions. I plan to make a bunch. :muah:

They recommend using used wool sweaters that you felt but I think I will knit blocks of what I need to make them instead.

The designer of these has a blog and mentions that she will have a book coming out this year on how to make 30 projects. I can’t WAIT to buy the book!!

I watched them being made on her show. They are sooooo cute!

Those are adorable!

I started knitting with some nice wool yarn that I got at KP for the outside of the teacups. I am just knitting in stockenette and making rows of colors. I’ll felt it gently once I use up all the yarn colors. I have an order into KP’s for the coffee colors for the inside of the cups. I really think these pin cushons are so cute. I’m working on these inbetween knitting my Fiber Trends clogs. :happydance:

Those are really cute…however I would much rather take the effort to make them…they cost $28 for ONE Cupcake and $32 for ONE tea/coffee cup!

Not sure if you noticed that on her blog she posted the link to the segment that she did them on the Martha Stewart show.

I can’t wait to see how the ones you make turn out! :lol:

Yes, I have watched her tv segment a few times online. I think they are so adorable. I make quilts so having a few teacup pin cushions around and to give as gifts really is motivating me. I can’t wait until her book comes out. I will be ordering it for sure.

I’m still knitting on the rows that will be the outside of the tea cups.

Also still waiting on my KP’s order for the yarn for the inside of the cup. Darn…no mail on Monday so hopefully it will get here later in the week.

Those tea cups are adorable! I definitely want to try to make one sometime! Knitting it - of coarse! :smiley: :heart:

Does she show how to do the cupcakes?