Knitted Tea Cozy (looks like a mini sweater)

Hi there, I’m at the end of a knitted tea cozy and the “sleeves” for the cozy indicates that I will need to CO 54 sts as follows:

The Method of casting/binding on: *work k from 1 vertical st, kf&b from next vertical st *rep from * to * until you get 54 sts at your needles. Work a circle . . .

I have picked up before on other projects but these instructions have me baffled.

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Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to the pattern, please?

The name of the pattern is 4-6 cup Tea Cosy Pattern.

I couldn’t find that pattern. Is it in a book?
The directions may want you to pick up stitches along a vertical column then join to knit in the round.

It sounds like it would be easier to pick up 36sts on the first round and then on the next round, k1, kfb (knit front and back) around so that you end with 54sts

ok thanks! I will try that tomorrow when my eyes are fresh. (This was an online pattern - buyer beware).

You might also contact the designer, especially since this is a bought pattern. Look up the pattern on Ravelry. I tried but there are several listed. You’ll know if it’s there and be able to check other projects and project notes to see if anyone mentions a similar question.

Hello, although the seller is on Ravelry, I did not purchase it through that site. Etsy’s listing reviews were so awesome that I felt comfortable purchasing it through that site. However, I have had to contact her +3 times regarding discrepancies in this pattern. Although she had responded in a timely manner, she has not this time for this question. It seems to me that the pattern may have been written to adjust a bigger size cozy without being tested so I felt as though I am the tester throughout. I am learning to read patterns so I questioned my abilities but she responded with apologies and corrections on several other issues.

Well, good. You’re learning a lot just by recognizing directions that don’t make sense.
Can you give us a link to the Ravelry page? The photo and the comments from other knitters are often helpful.

I do not see the exact pattern listed but this looks very similar.

Ah, yes. It looks like there’s an opening for the armhole and that you can pick up sts around that opening. Then join in the round and work the sleeve.
Thanks for the link. The cozy looks adorable.

I was able to pick up stitches and finish up the pattern. I believe the writer adjusted all of errors so I hope others have better luck. :slight_smile:

Congrats! That’s great news. Love to see a photo, if you’d like to post one.