Knitted Tank Top

I am knitting a tank and the neckline is very close to the neck. I want it to be lower, how would I do this. I probably would have to start binding off sooner. Would this be possible? The neck depth is 2.5" and I would like it 3.5".

Thank you so much!!!

Cindy :O)

I think you’d start the neck decreases sooner, decrease along the neck until you have the same number of stitches as the shoulders of the tank call for now and then just knit straight on the shoulders until you have the length from armhole to shoulder that you want. I think that would work fine, no?

Thank you Ingrid!!! You are so good!! I wouldn’t have to do anything different to the back would I?

You could do the back the way it’s written if that’s how you want it. You just want to make sure that the armholes of the front and back are the same.

Thank you Ingrid :muah: