Knitted sweater with uneven sleeves

Hi Friends!

I knitted my first sweater today:woohoo: I darned(hehe) all the pieces together and then I realized the sleeves were uneven :doh: . I checked the measurements the right sleeve is 6" and the left is @6.5". Please tell me there is something I can do to fix this mistake. I’m using a philar acrylic yarn so I think blocking is out of the question :help:


If you need them both to be 6", take off the BO of the longer one and rip back to 6" and BO again. If they should be 6½", then take off the BO of the short one and knit a few more rows and BO again.

thank you so much…turns out they are Ok…It was a panic attack…lol

You knit a sweater in one day!!!:shock: Wow!

Double wow! :passedout:

If the sleeves were 6" long, it was a baby sweater. That’s completely doable in just a few hours.